do 16.12.2020 posíláme vanočně zabalené :)

do 16.12.2020 posíláme vanočně zabalené :)


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About MyBook

With its modern and minimalist style, you can use the responsive MyBook theme to quickly build a website for any type of business. This theme comes with just over a dozen blocks which you can use the visual composer to rearrange. MyBook also lets you change colors fonts and blocks from its online composer. Choose from the available blocks to even add more content to your business site.

Due to its great flexibility, MyBook can be used for any type of business out there. The theme is suitable for companies, agencies, plumbers, HVAC, electricians, gardeners, salons, restaurants, cafes, lawyers, architects or in fact any business or industry you can throw at it.

MyBook lets you create your personalized WordPress site in minutes with an easy to use front-end editor. No web design experience or registration is required. The theme´s interactive visual composer allows you to modify the text content, images and design with a few clicks.

Once you´re done creating the site click on the ‘ Export ’ button to purchase your MyBook license. Your theme and content is now ready to import as a theme on your WordPress-powered site.

Click here to see 10 good reasons to buy the MyBook theme

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